Married in December 1995, Scott and Sam Dawkins began attending ImagineNations Church (Sydney) at the beginning of 1996 (pastored by Ps Jack & Carol Hanes).

Both Scott and Sam served in the worship team with Scott leading the worship team from 2001. Also in 2001 Matthew and Jessica Dawkins were born (twins!), the first of Scott and Sam's children. In 2005 Josiah Dawkins was born. And then they were a family of five!

From 2001 Scott served as pastor of the Worship and Creative teams, and these years in ministry has seen Scott involved in other areas such as preaching, teaching leaders, leading men in their Christian walk, pastoral care and involved in both local and international missions trips.

Sam has served as a key Women's Leader and loves to help and encourage other women to be all that God has for them. Sam also served on the Worship team, and has been a teacher at many Women's events held at ImagineNations Church (Sydney).

On July 4 2010 Scott and Sam's pastors (Jack and Carol Hanes) asked if Scott and Sam would move from Australia to Arizona to pioneer America's first ImagineNations Church, in Phoenix!

In 2013, on the first Sunday in January, ImagineNations Church officially opened, and has already made a big impact both locally and internationally!